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A summary of the Nambucca Valley Shopping Basket survey Autumn 2017

is available at the following address -*sTPhvgW9--vfY2pXGMm7S1rpl6TxNLnVoY2d**N27qVtXxZhjk5B2KrRbwZlzIGdo4l/NambuccaValleyShoppingBasketSurveyAutumn2017.png

The full survey in PDF format is available by emailing


There is an interactive map of edible fruits, nuts and veggies in the Nambucca Valley, currently being constructed in Google Maps.

You can find it here -

If you know of any fruit, nut or veggie patch we could add to the map, email us at and we will add it.




Street Trees, Food Forests & Reforestation

Our submission for  local reforestation on land formerly cleared for banana and dairy farming as a project under the Environmental Levy, was handed in to Nambucca Shire Council  on 7 June 2016.

The submission is available to view by clicking 'Blogs' tab and the scrolling down and clicking the appropriate link or clicking this link -*-3Tpnv08*KTYk7QBXvxnfjYFBq2F2tS9XSLrtqDE3-2yNrIz05yuyu4O1qyMYqnQV7KgjnQSDnt8PknF3SPWwOMfiCI/EnvironmentalLevyProject.pdf



Despite keeping up a regular change of cover photos, potential members to the Transition Nambucca Valley website have been reluctant to join. Someone asked what was expected of members. Nothing! You join because you want to make changes for the benefit of your community. You form groups with those who share your interests, or you just join to give moral support to the movers and shakers.


We welcome your input to this site, but please note that all Blogs are vetted by the site moderator.


Seed exchange

We would like to encourage the exchange of seeds and propagation material.

We are particularly interested in perennial vegetables.

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Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2015

As an incentive for households to grow more of their food, Transition Nambucca Valley will be giving away some starter stock of mainly perennial vegetables, as plants, cuttings, tubers and seeds later this year.

There will be a strictly limited number of complete starter packs.

First registered will get a complete pack. Followers on will get what remains.

At the moment the list is as follows.

Yam Dioscorea alate                                                      Tuber

Cassava   Manihot esculenta                                         Stem cutting

Ceylon Spinach   Basella alba                                        Cutting

Brazilian Spinach   Alternanthera sisoo                          Cutting

Perennial Leeks   Allium ampeloprasum var. sectivum   Bulb

Madagascar Beans  Phaseolus lunatus                         Seed

Air Potato   Dioscorea bulbifera                                     Tuber

Jerusalem Artichokes   Helianthus tuberosus                Tuber

Globe artichokes Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus     Plant

Cardoons   Cynara cardunculus                                     Plant

Wild tomato seed   Lycopersicon sp.                             Seeds

Seakale   Crambe maritima                                            Root cuttings

Lemon Grass   Cymbopogon citratus                            Cutting

Taro   Colocasia esculenta                                             Tuber

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